Friday, June 22, 2018

Home From China

Karin and mom will be pulling in around 10:00 pm but Karin sent a text as soon as they got in the states. They left Beijing at 5:00 pm on Friday night and arrived at the Detroit airport at 5:00 pm Friday night. Mom is exhausted from all that warp speed.  Karin said she slept 5-6 hours on the plane. Mom said she slept but doesn't know how much. Hopefully they have an uneventful last connection and can crash soon.
Right after the walk the mares were teased. Zalena is still in but I needed to move her out of the breeding shed into the paddock next to Evan's as I needed the breeding shed paddock for Star's colt. Thankfully Star is still in and showing. She was covered today by Valiant.  Rebecca and Javan arrived to visit Claire. Rosalie and Claire were taken to the outdoor arena. It was nice and cool today and both had a ball galloping around.

IF you would like to see the rest of her pictures taken today click HERE.  I had to run to Berean this morning to pick up Bibles studies for someone in Roanoke so went to Sam's first. I bought myself  a gift. Something I've wanted but would never spend the money on. Sam's had restaurant quality frying pans, HUGE ones for $26.00. I just couldn't resist. This will be packed in the camper for our Sceggel vacation in August. It will help so much to have a big pan when cooking for 23 people. I dropped off 5000 envelopes at Berean and got the studies then drove to Meisters to give them to Crystal to give to her mother who will give them to the lady in Roanoke.
This afternoon was spent doing laundry while listening to 2017 Roanoke VBS. I heard 4 of the 5 and highly recommend them. They are posted on AC Central. That is such an amazing resource. 
Mark got home early from work and graded the driveways while supper was cooking.
After supper we took the grader off the tractor and put on the mower. That sounds like such an easy thing to do but it isn't. It takes two of us and a lot of muscle. Mark mowed around the fields first then took it over to Joan's to mow the field by her garden. We had another good day. Tomorrow are the Hanna City garage sales which I hope to hit early then will take Rosalie and Claire back out to Middle Grove to join Ayanna and her colt now named Evan's Sir Lancelot by his owner.  I also got a name for Star's colt today from his owner. They want him registered as Ima Valiant Zephyr .

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