Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Puppies Galore

Karin sent the picture below taken from their 13 floor of their hotel by text during our walk.
Yesterday morning they were taken to the Bullet Train station for the 5 hour trip to Beijing. They didn't have a very good window as their seat was by the emergency exit but Mom told Karin she wanted to have the window seat and at her age she got it. The landscape was a lot flatter than the last time they took the train. It was a pleasant ride and they were glad for the day of rest.
I only did one round then left for the Berean office. We had a good morning there getting everything done. If you would like to see the pictures click HERE.
When I got home from work Rhoda and Sarah were here with all 12 puppies. The puppies had a vet appointment today for their first set of shots and of course a check up. The puppies are all doing well and all of them are sold.
Zion had a lot of fun with the puppies.

If you would like to see the rest of the puppy pictures click HERE
This evening we had a storm come through that dropped about a quarter inch of rain but more important dropped the temperature from the 90s into the 70s.  Rosalie and Claire were brought in, Claire was reminded that she needed to stand quietly for haltering. She let me halter her, tie her and groom her a bit but is very sensitive up by her ears where we pulled the tick off. 

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