Monday, June 25, 2018

Lacy Pregnant

We had a fun walk but actually forgot Joan was home and started without her. We were so busy listening to Karin and mom talking about their China trip. Our group looked pretty sheepish when Joan and Heather came walking up. Joan and Heather along with their children and Bethany with her 2 spent the week down in Gulf Shores and after Karin and mom finished they shared about their fun trip on the Gulf of Mexico.  Unfortunately Joan discovered a few days into the trip that the van's license was outdated by a month. Whoops that was my fault, I never noticed it was expired and did not get the renewal form for the van. Fortunately she never got stopped so no tickets.
I had to drive in to Meisters for a meeting at 9:30 and didn't get home until close to 11:00 am. Dr. Hoerr arrived within 5 minutes of me getting there. That was just perfect timing. Lacy, Mercedes" mare was sonagrammed first and it didn't take Dr. Hoerr long to pronounce her pregnant.
I snapped that picture with my phone and sent it via text to Mercedes. They will pick her up tomorrow. Jenis was next, she had her teeth floated. All looked good with her teeth, no real sharp hooks or waves.  Karin took a group out trail riding. I got a few pictures as they were getting ready to tack up but then the rest of the time I was in the stall barn with Dr. Hoerr getting Jenis' teeth done.  
This afternoon Karin took another group out, this was a bigger group and more horses were needed. I got a few pictures but did not take the time to down load them today as I was working outside most of the day. Mark came home early to get the pond pasture mowed.  Mom invited Mark and I over for dinner tonight, Diane joined us for dessert. Afterwards we went to Diane's house to go shopping for  the barn apartment. She had a picture she thought would look perfect, a down comforter for one of the beds and an all white quilt that looks lovely in the bedroom.  We replaced a few light bulbs, hung up the picture and a mirror then went shopping at Dollar General for fly swatters and a table cloth.  Tomorrow I'll get updated pictures. I still need a mirror above the dresser in the bedroom and a nice big horse picture for the living room wall. We will spread the word to all the garage salers in the family to keep their eye open for those items. 

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