Monday, June 11, 2018

Foxy and Soul Confirmed In Foal

Right after the walk today I called Hoerr Vet clinic to schedule sonagrams for Foxy and Soul today and schedule Dr.Hoerr to come out next Monday, June 18th for Jewel, Sheena and Rosaleigh and again the next Monday, June 25th for Lacy the outside mare. Today the appointment was at 1:30 pm which gave me the morning to go to Sam's Club for groceries then TEMCO for the Berean mail.  The roast was started for the Berean meal when I got back then I went out to load. Both foals were taken into a stall and haltered first and both loaded right up. I had just gotten on 474 when Emma from Hoerr Vet clinic called to tell me Dr. Hoerr was sent out on an emergency and I should come at 2:00 pm. Thankfully I had not yet crossed the river so just took the Bartonville exit and came back home and got a few things done in that extra half hour.  The bad news when I got to the vet clinic at 2:00 pm was that Dr. Hoerr had not yet made it back. They had a newborn orphaned pony foal in one of the hospital stalls. Aaron was getting him to drink out of a bucket. 
He was so tiny compared to our horse foals.  Foxy was brought in first and her filly tied up right next to the stocks. 
 She wasn't happy about being tied and kept trying to get to Foxy.  Dr Hoerr was again delayed so she ended up tied there for over an hour. 

 When Dr. Hoerr arrived it didn't take him long to report that Foxy was pregnant. 

 Above Dr. Hoerr is measuring the embryonic vesicle and below is the ultrasound picture of Foxy's expected foal. She was bred to Valiant and is due April  29th, 2019
 Next up was Soul. Her colt was also tied next to mama. He stood very well the entire time but he didn't have to wait an hour. 

 Soul too was confirmed in foal. She was bred to Evan on the same day as Foxy and is also due April 29th, 2019
Foxy was de-wormed then I hauled them straight out to Middle Grove arriving there around 5:15 pm. They all took off running to find the herd. On the way home I got stuck behind a long line of cars all following a semi hauling something big blue and round going around 25 miles an hour on 116. It took a long time to get back. Dr. Hoerr planned to come out to collect Valiant for a mare this evening. We didn't have any mares in season to stand as a jump mare so Bunni was brought over and twitched. Mike handled Valiant, I handled Bunni and Dr. Hoerr handled the AI.  Valiant did his job very quickly and filled then entire collection bottle.  
Star and her colt were moved in with Madiera and her filly as those two still need to be covered.  A very nice text came in from Ana, the lady that bought Eliza's 2013 colt by Raven. He is now 5 years old and they are thrilled with him. She said he sticks at 16.3 hands. She sent the pictures below:

She should be proud, this stallion is spectacular.  We are thrilled when owners send us updated pictures. That means they are happy and so are we.  I really don't think we have an unhappy customer yet in all these years of doing this Horsemeister business. Horsemeister was started in 2002 with the purchase of Raven and he sure left a wonderful legacy in his many sons and daughters. 

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