Sunday, June 24, 2018

Introducing Genesis

Beth sent a text early this morning that Coke was pacing in the stall and by 10:30 am her water broke and active labor started. I was in church so didn't get the message until lunch.  The hooves presented correctly and so did her head but this was Coke's first foal and she wasn't making any progress on getting the head out. Tom, one of the Goose Ranch campers knew what to do and was put to work assisting Coke. As soon as church was over Sarah and I drove to Canton to the Goose Ranch to check out Coke and her baby girl.
The filly was nursing well. Coke is doing a lot of squealing when the filly latches on but is standing still allowing her to nurse.  She is such a cutie. Her cord was iodined and the girls told what to watch for then I left for home.
 Beth sent the picture below after I left. It looks like Coke is telling the world about her baby. 
Well maybe not the world but Beth reported over 200 campers came through to meet the new baby. Valiant is her sire so this filly will be registered with Friesian Heritage Horse as 50 % Friesian 50
% Appaloosa. She shows some signs of roaning so will probably end up with a blanket. 
Phil, Anna, Braelyn, Taegan, Kensley, Nolan, Sarah and Zion came for dinner tonight.  After dinner we all ended up at the playground where a big group came for volleyball.  
There were at least 3 teams and all had a good time. 
 Jesse Stickling and Cortney arrived to ride Sally and Bunni on the death trails. 

The kids went swimming first then came up to play in the sand by the volleyball court then on the playground equipment.
It was a very pleasant evening with the weather a perfect temperature, not too hot and not too cold.

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