Friday, February 17, 2017

Home to 70 Degrees

We had a really fun vacation but come Thursday could hardly wait to start back. We originally had worked out to go spend another night in Gulf Shores but decided to leave straight from the ship for home.
Each day on the ship was sunny, warm and busy. We spent a lot of time singing, talking, and listening with and to each other. Saturday evening, our first evening on the ship after an elegant dinner in ship dining room, we held a singing and were joined but a few other couples. Sunday we held church in the Cat's Club (a nightclub bar that is usually used for Karoke) Spark made the comment this may be the first time the Holy Spirit was invited into this room but he hoped not. Monday was the day in Progresso. Some of our group went out shopping but we had a bunch stay on board and played games. Our sea days were spent playing, singing, talking and eating. The day at Cozumel  we split up with some going scuba diving, some snorkeling, some paddleboarding, some took the catamaran tour and some just went to the state park.
We got off the ship Thursday morning and drove to Hayti, a small town in Missouri, stopped at a Drury Inn in time to use the hot tub before supper then had an early night. We left from there for home at 7:00 am and had an uneventful trip home.
Emma was thrilled to see us, so thrilled she showed it by wriggling all over upside down.
Ruby was here with Rhoda.
Rhoda had just finished up with Rosalie when we arrived. She reported Rosalie is now getting walk canter departs and side passing well (at least on one side).  She brought out Jenis who she wanted checked. Jenis was limping on her right front leg. She will need to be on rest for a bit. Anna, Zalena and Ayanna's udders were all checked but none are filling. Rhoda worked with Victoria (Tory) next.
 She worked her yesterday and was well pleased with how much she remembered. 
We teased her before putting her back. After checking her conformation we decided that she will be bred to Valiant for sure. He will add length of neck to the foal and height. 
This evening Karin, Hannah, Mark, mom and I played games over at mom's. Karin won but there were so many laughs during this game no one cared that the rest of us lost miserably. 
There were a couple neat updates that came in while I was gone. The pictures below came from the lady that bought Lily's 2016 filly. She named her Capella and Capella is 8 months old. She is standing next to her quarter horse mare in the picture below:
And of course we need a glamour shot too.
Lily's foals are always HUGE but so well put together. I'm thrilled to get the updates but makes me anxious for this foaling season to start. 
I'm glad to be back and am more than happy to head to bed in my OWN bed. 

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