Friday, February 24, 2017

Packing the Trailer

Rosalie, Galena and Tory were taken to Hoerr Vet clinic this morning for ultrasounds. Rosalie and Galena are still in transition, meaning they are not yet cycling but Tory had a clear CL and should be ready to cover in 10-12 days. When I arrived back at the farm Rhoda was here cleaning tack. The two of us spent the rest of the morning cleaning all three trailers then packing the big trailer for the horse fair. Once we were satisfied we pulled out the Quest Plus de-wormer and de-wormed Evan and Valiant, then Jenis, Rosalie, Tory and Galena as those mares are not pregnant. The last 2 de-wormed were the weanlings, Arturo and Bethany. We never use Quest plus on the pregnant mares. Emily arrived just as Rhoda pulled out Rosalie so she brought Jenis in to desensitize her to the flag and megaphone.
 Above Jenis is coming over to give Emily kisses while Rhoda rides Rosalie around the arena carrying the pirate flag. 
 Ruby wanted to join Rhoda on Rosalie.
 I'm amazed at how this dog can balance on a moving mares rump. 

 Rhoda took Rosalie to the outside arena even though the weather had turned windy and the temperature was dropping. She wanted to get a good hand gallop before the next practice on Sunday and the indoor is just not big enough for that. 
 To see the rest of the pictures of Rhoda and Rosalie click HERE. Emily brought Valiant in the indoor, let me roll then took him to the outdoor for some gallop time. Valiant had a ball. 

To see the rest of Valiant's pictures click HERE
Emily did round pen reasoning with him then brought out the scary bag. Valiant is not comfortable with that scary bag so that part of the training took a too long for me to stand out in the cold taking  pictures. When he was accepting of what Emily was asking of him, she brought him inside, gave him some grain then spent some time brushing the tangles out of his mane and braiding it back up again. 
This evening we went over mom's for game night and were joined by Rhonda, Joan, Ruth, Sarah, Berlica, and Mackenson. Ruth won big tonight. 

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