Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Horse FAIR Schedule UP

For those wanting to know the IL Horse Fair schedule it is now up: to check out Friday's schedule CLICK HERE.
For Saturday's schedule CLICK HERE.
For Sunday's schedule CLICK HERE.
WOW this is the first time ever Horsemeister actually made the printed form of the schedule.
I had an easy day today until I went to the shop. There we had a conference call with Phil, Mark, Amanda, me and the man working on the new Meister website. Earlier I had decided not to change the Horsemeister website until I saw how well the new Meister Heating website looked. Phil convinced me it would be worth the time and effort to change. That project will need to be started at a later time.
Karin was here training horses when I got back and I took a few pictures but didn't take the time to down load them. We barely had time for supper before heading out for church. Mom didn't go tonight, she still has a bad cold. David Obergfel had the message, reading first Psalm 37 then the book of Jude. It was really good to be there. Not that I have trust issues...
Jessica sent a text through in the middle of the night..well actually around 11:00 but we were so sound asleep I was sure it was the middle of the night, that she thought there were horses out. Something big was banging around in the barn. Now I'm going to go back a few hours, when we got home from church Emma was barking at something outside but it was so dark I couldn't see anything. The only thing I heard was a horse LOUDLY expelling gas. My first thought was that sounds like Anna but it must be Valiant coming from that side of the yard. So at 11:00 pm the clothes were thrown back on a couple flashlights grabbed and off I went hunting. The fog was so thick the horses were not easy to find, I got turned around without realizing and ended up at the woods instead of back of the big field. Giving up finding them there it took a long time to get back to the barn. It was like walking in cotton, just no way to see more than a few feet in front of me. A bucket of grain was taken out and I stood in the field next to Valiant's and started calling. The thick pea soup fog could not dampen the sound of those big thundering hooves as the mares arrived. I'm thankful they come when called and thankful I could just lock them in the field for the night. They will be moved in the morning, hopefully they won't tear up the field too badly. And Rhoda before you question me about WHY they got out again after you spent all that time fixing the latches so Oksana couldn't possibly open them, Karin didn't know Oksana opens the gates and didn't latch the far one properly.

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