Friday, February 3, 2017


Another cold day but we have been promised above normal temperatures starting tomorrow. It is currently 16 degrees outside.
The first of the month bills needed to be paid as they were already 3 days late, which meant a trip in to Peoria. From there to Big R in Pekin to pick up the grain I need to send with Abigail. Rhoda arrived as I was unloading the grain and jumped right in to help. It was just too cold to want to train outside plus the mares all got their shots yesterday so it wouldn't hurt to give them a day off. Instead of training I talked Rhoda in to going shopping with me. I really needed some new dressy shirts for this cruise that is coming up quickly. Before we left I put a chicken in a big pot of water and turned it on low for tonight's meal. Rhoda knew of a used clothing store on Sterling and bingo I found some shirts, shorts and a dress. By the time we finished that exhausting job (which by the way is WAY harder than cleaning stalls) it was past time for lunch. We stopped at Panara's for soup and a half of sandwich then ran to Sam's Club for a few items Rhoda needed.
I really really don't like to shop for clothes and just wish  I could wear my horsemeister shirts and jean skirt everyday then just dress up a bit for dinner.
The chicken was just about boiling by the time we got back and it didn't take long for the meat to start falling off the bone. The chicken was taken out, the chicken stock was divided, half for tonight's cheese and broccoli soup and half to freeze for later when I need to make a big pot of chicken and wild rice soup. By the time Mark got home tonight the soup was done and delicious. I was able to freeze 6 quarts which will be used Tuesday. After supper I went over to mom's to play a game of scrabble. She beat me by 30 points.
The shipper for Abigail called, he should be here tomorrow between 4:00 and 6:00 pm.

The paper work is all done and she is ready to go.

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