Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Nosy Neighbors

On our walk today we had to stop and check out the new Sauder Project. Rachel seems to keep busy with her building projects. She is now is building her second tiny house and this one on wheels.
Below mom and Diane are checking out the plumbing in the tiny bathroom. Rachel does everything on a budget. She has been able to build this using many free items.
We really are nosy neighbors around here and need to check out anything new. You never know when we might need to borrow it. When we got to the second round, Sarah, Diane and Joan stopped in at my house and loaded the car with the Berean lunch to save me steps. I have a good excuse to ask for help with my leg and all. 
Even though we didn't have any mail we still had plenty to do at the Berean office. To read about our morning there click HERE
This afternoon Karin came to train but I put her to work first helping move bales. We moved a bale in Eliza's paddock then moved all 7 mares out of the middle paddock so two bales could be put in there. Karin started training while I worked on those two bales. By the time I got there she had already ridden Eliza, Oksana, Zalena and was riding Indy. Eliza was put out to graze while the horses Karin finished were put away. 
 Above is Eliza enjoying the bit of green grass coming up with this warm up and below is Karin working with Indy. 
 Ayanna was the next mare ridden and the next 3 pictures are all of Ayanna. 

This mare is just so much fun to watch. She has such big movement and is so talented. Hannah arrived to help Karin with Galena. We are trying to get Galena ready for the Illinois Horse Fair which is in just 10 days. Hannah is going as Calypso and needed to find out if her hair would be in the way of the vaulting routine. 

 I think she will be just fine. 
For the fair Galena will be bathed, brushed, fluffed and lit up with fairy lights. I'm trying to talk Hannah into letting me light HER up too. 
I need to post a few pictures from yesterday which should have been posted yesterday but weren't downloaded from the camera until today. Rhonda and Molly brought over 8 of Spark and Rhonda's grand children on their walk. They found a snake nest, a bunch of snakes came squirming out of the ground and slithering away. 

They visited the horses then came down for a golf cart ride. Dafna decided to drive and shocked the adults by pushing on the accelerator. 
 Next they decided to walk down to the path in the woods to search for bear, mountain lions and coyotes. 
 It was kind of hard to get that bunch to all look one way at the same time. 
From this group Rhonda was missing Tara's baby boy, Molly's oldest son, Kari's 2 and Jacob's 2.

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