Saturday, February 4, 2017

Abigail Left Adara Sold

The morning was another cold one. Karin called early, she went to pick up Nancy before breakfast and had Nancy on the speaker phone. Nancy is always glad to come over to mom's for a visit. Oksana had pulled the plug again on the automatic waterer sometime during the night. By the time I discovered the pouring water the middle paddock had a big ice puddle going all the way to the bottom of the paddock. Bummer, we pay for that water. I found the plug about half way down the paddock. She probably picked it up and threw it. This time a big brick was stuck on the plug. hopefully she won't get that off. Karin arrived to work the mares. Below are a few pictures of the training session. The first picture is Karin desensitizing the mares to the megaphone siren.

 Above is Anna's big baby bump (foal due now in 5 and a half weeks) and below is Karin working with Ayanna. This mare has such huge movement.

 Above Karin is asking Oksana to side pass across the arena and below she asked her for a canter, Oksana took the wrong lead which made Karin smile because Oksana tried.

 Above is Galena and below is Eliza both awaiting their turn. Eliza is really looking good weight wise. She is the mare that lost so much weight nursing last year. We need to come up with a plan so that doesn't happen this year. 
 The mares are all looking good and coming along great with their training. Our big news is tomorrow morning Adara will go to her new home. Emily and Mikayla will be meeting her new owner just past Springfield, IL.
 She is such a fancy filly. I really wanted to keep this one but was made an offer on her we couldn't refuse. 

check out her fancy footwork in the video below:

After the mares were all worked, Karin helped halter Adara and bring her into a stall where she was given a good grooming. Abigail was also brought in to wait for the transport company. The driver called for directions when he got into Glasford. We weren't sure why he would come up 24 but he said his gps took him all back roads. When he arrived, he started laughing, turns out he had been here a few months ago picking up another weanling for someone. He must take regular trips back and forth from Florida. 
Mark and I went to the prayer room in East Peoria tonight. David was speaking on the 2 temple cleansings. The talk was informative and thought provoking. 

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