Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Almost Vacation

It was 57 degrees outside for our walk this morning. It sure felt like spring was in the air but that changed and we are expecting snow by tomorrow morning. Thankfully it won't last long. Mark and I will be leaving early Thursday morning for a vacation. We are going on a cruise with a bunch of the family and I'm NOT taking the laptop or computer. I'll be taking a vacation from blogging for the time we are gone. IF my memory is working I'll write all about it when we get home late Friday morning Feb 17th. I will take the camera.
Breeding season will start as soon as I get back so the timing is excellent for getting away for 8 days.
Today was our usual Berean day. All who come have such a good time there I really look forward to going. To read about our morning there click HERE.
Rhoda and Sarah drove to Texas to visit Ben and Taunya. Rhoda sent the picture below:
I MISS those kids! Check out what they are riding...ponies, stick ponies. Maybe they miss us too.
Karin arrived at the farm and was given instructions on how to care for the horses while we are crusin around the Gulf of Mexico. Today she worked with 4 mares, Zalena, Anna, Eliza and Galena.
 Zalena was the first mare worked with. 
 Check out the baby bumps on the mares below. Anna is facing the camera and is due March 18th while Eliza, who is facing the gate is due June 7th.
 Below Eliza is watching Karin use the megaphone with Anna. 
 Anna isn't asked to do much anymore, just a few minutes of walk and a little trot. It is good for a mare to exercise when pregnant. Just like a human, it helps their body stay toned.  
 Below Anna, Zalena and Galena are getting a snack while Karin works with Eliza. 
 Eliza gave us a scare this summer when she lost way too much weight nursing her big colt. We were really worried she may not survive the winter but not only is she surviving, she is thriving. She has gained most of the weight back, her coat is shiny black and she feels good. 
 Hannah arrived for a lesson on Galena. 

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