Thursday, February 2, 2017

Annual Vaccinations

Last night I took a vicoden before going to bed and slept great waking just after 5:00 am and for the first time in days feeling rested. No wonder people get addicted to that drug. The walk was cold today. The thermometer was barely hitting 20 degrees. In the past we would think that felt warm but the winter has been pretty mild so this felt COLD.
After the walk I drove to the Berean office to join Edie and Roma in mailing out the Bibles for the week. To read about our work there click HERE.
Rhoda had already arrived at the farm by the time I made it back and had already worked with Galena and Ayanna and was riding Rosalie. She introduced the horses to the megaphone today. She had it hooked up to the phone and it was playing very loud music while she rode.
 When I came in and handed it to her she introduced Rosalie into carrying her while she talked through it and then played the siren. Below Ayanna is fascinated with what is coming from her FULL sister Rosalie. 

 Galena wasn't quite as curious and preferred to stay farther away from that noise maker. 
We were pretty thrilled at how Rosalie responded. Rhoda finished up with a nice balanced canter.
Those mares were put away and Abigail brought out. Abigail will be leaving for her new home this coming weekend and we wanted to practice loading, leading and picking up her feet today. I really wanted to bathe her but it was just way to cold today.
 Above Abigail is meeting Ruby and below she is standing quietly while Ruby sits up on her. What a good filly!
 Abigail was good for picking up her feet today. 

Next we took her outside to practice loading in both trailers and took the short video below for her owner. 
When Abigail was put away we went in for a late lunch. Rhoda needed to leave for home just before Karin arrived. Karin too wanted to introduce all the mares to the megaphone. We brought Zalena, Indy, Eliza, Oksana and Anna inside. Karin turned on the siren and they all turned to face her.
 Karin saddled up Anna and used the megaphone talking Anna was fine but when the siren started Anna was scared. Karin dismounted then just worked with her until she was standing quietly while the siren played. 
 Oksana was next. Each mare was bridled, asked to side pass down the arena then stand while the siren played. 

 When Karin  layed the megaphone down on the mounting block, just guess which mare decided to go check it out.
 Karin is working with Eliza below. 
 Eliza is looking good. 
Mark called to report the vaccines had arrived and he would have them here by 4:00 pm. He brought them right up to the barn so Karin and I could start giving the shots to the mares. We did the 5 that were inside first then Rosalie, Jenis, Galena and Ayanna. This will be marked down. We wanted all the mares going to the IL Horse Fair to be vaccinated a month before we leave so today was the perfect time. One year we vaccinated all the mares but forgot to vaccinate the 2 stallions going and both boys got sick.

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