Sunday, February 5, 2017

Super (Bowl) Sunday

Today Peoria celebrated the funeral of Dot Hoerr. I say celebrated as no one has the slightest doubt where Dot is celebrating right now. What an amazing person she was and is and is to come. She truly NEVER knew a stranger. When I was in the young group we spent many an hour at John and Dot's house singing, fellowshipping, playing ping pong and talking long into the night. Not only did Dot make us feel welcome she fed us too and there were lots of us, sometimes 50-60 kids would gather at their house. Her house was always joyful. Her funeral was held in place of afternoon service and the church was full. David Obergfel and Bill Schick had the service. Tim Funk started the service by repeating what one of the grandchildren said when they heard, "grandma moved to heaven today." They exclaimed, "Why would she do that we just moved her to the Home?" Along with her family, Peoria really is going to miss her.
We didn't stay for the dinner by the time we got out of church it was almost 3:30 pm. Phil and Anna had invited some guests from their small group to ride the horses, by the time we got home Karin was giving rides to the last of them.

She used Indy and Oksana today and the mares were perfect. Hard to believe we would be using a 4 year old mare for pony rides but she really is that trustworthy. Braelyn was playing on the round bales when she fell off one hurting her arm. She and Taegan were taken into the house to do a favorite activity (painting) which took her mind off her injuries.

 I needed to take the truck in to town to fill the gas tank before taking it back to Phil's. Mark drove over to Phil and Anna's to wait for me so we kind of crashed their party before heading over to David Jacob's house for the next party. This party had an abundance of food. In fact we just happened to arrive exactly the same time as the pizzas so stayed and had to sample all the appetizers, then the pizza before heading to the third and last party of the evening held at mom's house. This party was for those that didn't really care about watching the Superbowl, instead we played games. The party ended just after 9:00 pm and when I got home I checked on the internet to see how the game ended only to find it was in overtime and watched the last bit as the Patriots won the Superbowl.

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