Thursday, January 10, 2013

Website Deleted

Philip suggested removing the website off the web so not only was it removed, the entire website deleted. It actually took quite a while to delete all the pictures posted over the years. We will try re-installing in a few days. According to our stat counter we have had almost 300,500 hits since the statcounter was added in 2008. Many people enjoyed checking the pictures and watching our horses grow. Sure hope we can get back on line soon. What a productive day at Meisters! Around 150 letters completely processed with the Bibles mailed out. I ran out of stamps and will need to buy more before the next batch of letters are done. 150 doesn't sound like much but each letter must be read, posted on the computer, address label printed, the label put on the Bible, the postage applied and then hauled to the post office. The next job was a trip to my favorite store where pneumabort shots were purchased along with grain for the weanlings. It started raining before I arrived home and had to unload the grain in a cold rain. It is suppose to continue raining the rest of the afternoon. The trip to pick up the four Friesian mares will be put off until tomorrow.

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