Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Locked, Seriously?

Mark is from Connecticut where not only is every vehicle put away into a garage once put away it is carefully locked up tight. I am from the Midwest where not only do we not lock anything, we leave the keys in the vehicles in case someone would need to borrow it. That can cause problems in a marriage. Rhonda needed to pick up the Bible studies out of my car and mom needed to give Rhoda a check so we took the check with us on our second round of the walk stopping at the big barn to put the check in with the Bible studies except...the car was locked. Mark parked the car in the barn, locked it up and took the keys into the house. Rhonda arrived after I hiked down to the house to get the keys. Once the car was unlocked and the keys put IN the car we headed to mom's where she had prepared breakfast for the walkers. Mom is going to have her knee replaced in March, her knee is now too painful for her to walk with us so we voted that she should stay inside and cook. Not really, she offered. After breakfast TSC was called to make sure they had a bale spear in stock. They not only had one, they offered to take it up to the front and put my name on it. Mark picked it up so I didn't have to drive in to Peoria. I was outside waiting for him to arrive after work, the weanlings were hungry and needed a bale before daylight disappeared. Except Mark had removed the key to the skid steer and taken it to the house which meant another hike down to the house for the key. Finally the spear is taken over to the skid steer and it won't fit. Mark called Mike who knew what we needed to do to make it fit. By this time daylight was gone, good thing the skid steer has lights. Finally the bale was placed in the bale feeder and the weanlings moved into Raven's old paddock but it is dark and they are all afraid of that big round thing in the middle of the paddock. Oh well soon they will discover it is a bale of hay.

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