Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fair Practice

Emily Ricketts, Karin, and Rhoda spent the night in order to be here for the morning practice. Mykala Cooksey, Steven Marchal joined us for breakfast to talk over the plans of the Friesian demo for the IL Horse Fair March 1st, 2nd and 3rd. While they were busy planning, Spark, Jay and Jake came over to split wood.
The hydraulic fluid was low, luckily there was more in the barn.
Practice was hilarious! The story line is the Evil Queen of MaQuon has kidnapped the Lady of the Lake and her Friesian mare Jenis. Emily will be the Lady of the Lake this year as Rhoda was needed to ride Eliza. Below is Emily getting prepared to be dragged into the arena on the sled.
Emily will have on her long white dress and will have rope around her arms as if she was tied. Karin pulls her into the middle of the arena.
After she drops the rope, the evil queen of Maquon is to gallop around the Lady of the Lake threatening her.
Karin dismounts and gets ready to attack poor Emily:
Rhoda and Mykala come galloping to the rescue.
Mykala throws Emily a knife then grabs Jenis.
Rhoda chases the queen out of the arena.
Below Mykala, Karin and Rhoda are watching Emily twirl in victory:
Once the mares are out the boys are brought in to show off and show off they did. They bow to the crowd.
Then bow to each other.
After a minute or 2 to show off they are called into the middle.
The plan is to have Steven and Emily ask the boys to bow then lay down, once down they will mount up ask the stallions to get up, ride around the arena in a victory lap then exit. We only have 4 minutes so this is going to take lots of practice. The story line needs to include a bit about the Friesian breed. Below the girls are having fun with the mares while the boys are being worked in the arena.
Mykala had a good practice with Zalena, those two will make a good pair.
Emily is a good fit with Jenis while Rhoda is perfect for Eliza.
After the practice, the mares were put away and Sissy brought out and teased. Today she is in season and Valiant got the job. Star is still in so Evan got work also. Both will be marked down. The website was finally released, after working for hours re-installing I hit a snag and will need Philip's help to finish.

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