Monday, January 21, 2013

Too Cold

Today was just too cold to spend much time outside. Rhoda fed the horses this morning, Karin arrived just before noon and I still hadn't been outside yet. Philip was able to get the website fixed enough that it could be updated, Sangria's colt was finally marked sold and Marika added. Today was a good day to stay inside updating. Karin and Rhoda worked horses until after 2:00pm then headed over to Rachel's to warm up in her hot tub. Dinner was served at 4:00pm so Karin could be ready to work by the time the vaulters arrived for the scheduled 5:00pm practice. After work tomorrow I want to take the truck and trailer to TSC to buy a couple of hog panels. The man we bought Marika from has Percherons, we were telling him how Ribbon destroys round bale feeders. He told us he quit buying them now buys hog panels and just bends them around the bale and secures them with zip ties. That is worth a try, anything that will stop Ribbon from destroying the hay AND bale feeder will be well worth the money.

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