Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tempest in a Teacup

No walk today, it was raining and cold. Instead we met for breakfast. Olivia, Jewel's filly is like nothing we have ever had on the farm. She is the youngest foal on the property and yet she is such a Prima donna. The weanling paddock is crowded, until 2 of the foals, Onyx and Oksana are picked up in March, the foals need to get along and all do guessed it, Olivia. When the grain is brought out each morning she is first and demands her own feeder. The others are content to share but not her, she will threaten any that dare step into her space fiercely with her ears back. Today the others were ignoring her, eating out of her feeder, she backed into them and let fly with kick that hit nothing. She was so mad she ran into the shelter and kicked the wall. The picture below is from a few months ago but just seems to show her arrogant attitude.
Such a tempest in a teacup. Sissy and Star needed to be square baled. Their round bale is now gone but the mud is too deep to even think of driving the skid steer into that paddock. The deep freeze should be here tomorrow, if the mud is frozen solid they will be given a new bale, if not they will be moved out of that paddock and into one with hay. The boys can wait at least one more day before they need another bale. It has now been long enough to take Marika out of isolation and introduced to our mares. I would like her in with Zalena while Jenis should be put in the breeding shed paddock to watch for her to come into season. Zalena and Marika are due at the same time and we want them to raise their foals together.

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