Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ready to Go

Today was the day to get the front tire fixed on the truck. Finally the ice melted enough to get the truck down the driveway hill, over to Ruth's to use her circle drive to turn around and then up the drive to a flat place to unhook the trailer. The truck was taken to FastStop in Hanna City, where they found a small, actually very small nail. The nail head had broken off so the tire had to be removed from the rim and the nail pulled out from the inside then patched. Once back the trailer was hooked back up and lights checked. It still needs to be cleaned out but everything inside is frozen to the floor. I'll try again tomorrow. Sangria's colt is leaving Friday and his coggin's and health certificate for travel needed to be picked up at Hoerr Vet clinic in Morton, IL. When I arrived, Dr. Hoerr and Dr. Pallen were busy performing colic surgery on a 4 year old horse. If it hadn't been church night I would have scrubbed in to help. Mom made a kettle of oyster stew she shared around the compound. I was over enjoying a bowl when Spark arrived to have some too. Mom sent home a bowl for Mark to enjoy. Our ride to church was Mike and Diane's van. They pull up to pick us up and the passenger door wouldn't open. I walked around the van to the drivers side door which was open but by the time I got there it closed, back to the passenger side which opened while I was walking around the van but by the time I got there that closed, finally got to the drivers side just as that door opened and jumped inside. We were all blaming Mike not knowing how to work the electronic buttons until Diane tries to open the doors when she reached Andrew's house to drop off her granddaughter and the doors won't open. By the time we arrived at church we are telling Diane as we are laughing, "that's ok, we can sit out in the parking lot and get the sermon on our phone, just give greetings from the parking lot!" We did make it in to church, even early. Mike Rieker had the service on Elijah and Elisha.

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