Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It Died

No jackets needed this unbelievably warm end of January day. Not knowing what was in-store at work, I was actually looking forward to work. Picking up the huge amount of mail, only made me more anxious to get started on the day. Walking into the office and seeing empty lessons slots...still no problem, just turn on the copier and wait. But then came the crash. The first load of studies were entered into the computer, the print button pushed when the first inkling of trouble loomed. Our 50 year old printer gave up the ghost sometime between Thursday and today. The copier finally warmed up, paper all loaded the start button pushed and that quickly came to a grinding halt. Toner needed to be added and somehow as the cartridge was inserted developed a leak, black toner powder showered the machine, me and the floor. Once the mess was cleaned up and the start button again pushed we heard a clunk. Paper jam was showing but when the door was opened, the hinge broke. That could be jimmied, the jam unjammed, the start button pushed and a notice comes up to CALL FOR REPAIRS. Except I'm the repair person. After a good 10 minutes of taking it apart and cleaning it up it was ready to be tried again except right about then Philip arrived to work on the dead printer and even he, the miracle worker could not bring it back to life. At least the copier quit acting up and behaved the rest of the morning allowing us to copy truly thousands of studies. By 11:45am the mail was opened and copies made but that was about as far as we got. There will be no Bible studies going out this week. Eva Jean has volunteered to call the graders to tell them there will be no Bible studies to grade. Philip and Mark are looking into solutions for this. Please pray for them, they need to come up with something soon. After lunch 12 boxes of Bibles were loaded into Mark's van for the trip down to Skyline for wrapping along with 500 copies of lesson 1 and 500 letters explaining the study to be wrapped with the Bibles. The rain started as I was driving home from this very frustrating day. There is beauty and even some color outside even though the sun is not shining. The mist rising off Mark's pond made for an interesting picture.
Then once the computer is turned on a very nice email was waiting to be read, and best of all she sent PICTURES. Hello, In October I purchased a lovely mare who turns out to be Raven's daughter. I just did a search to see if I can find out about her lineage and found your web page for Raven. I wanted to say I am sorry for your loss. My girl certainly seems to have his disposition. Loves people and is a ham. Her name is My Serenity, she is 6 yrs old and I intend to use her for dressage. I work for a farm that used to breed and I know they like to hear about their offspring. Though I would share with you. Take care. Heather Sigwald Wisconsin
Thank you Heather that makes up for this not very satisfying day.

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