Saturday, January 5, 2013

Home James

The family vacationers down in Gulf Shores, AL will start their drive home tonight hopefully arriving early Sunday morning. Praying they will have good driving weather and traveling mercies. Speaking of weather, the cold yesterday on the walk was brutal a mere 10 degrees. Funny when it is that cold the artificial hip aches but get those temps up into the 20s and I forget I have an artificial joint. I was sent the picture below and broke out laughing,
Thanks Jenna, ok, I'll stop talking about old creaking joints. Mark and I have a full day planned splitting wood and repairing fences. The temps are suppose to climb into the low 30s, a real heat spell although snow is expected to make its arrival by 1:00pm. We are planning on driving out to Farmington to pick up Rhoda's mini and will want to bring that home before the snow starts.

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