Sunday, January 27, 2013

More Ice or Just Rain

The weather report was horrible for today, as soon as it was light enough to see I headed out to see which paddocks needed hay. We only moved in one bale into Jenis' paddock, the boys are low but have enough for a couple of days and the breeding shed should also be fine for 2 days. Good thing I went in and checked their hay supply, I found their waterer was running over. usually this can be fixed by pushing the bladder up to stop the flow but today that didn't work. Mike will probably need to order new parts. The snow was suppose to start by 9:00am then turn to ice, lots of ice. Spark, Rhonda, Marvin and Gale were suppose to leave today for their mission trip to Alabama, rebuilding after the tornado destruction, but decided the forecast was so awful they left around 4:30am. As Mike and Diane were serving lunch we planned on arriving early to help fill trays. Diane had lots of help, not needing ours which gave us the opportunity to go down to the praise singing then David's class. Tim Funk had the morning service, David Obergfel had the afternoon...need I say more. What a blessing it is to be in Peoria on a Sunday! We exited church just before 2:00pm only to find no snow and no ice, just rain. The roads were fine until we hit the long farm driveway, heading to mom's the car started sliding. Arriving at the farm house ice had formed under puddles of water making for an interesting slippery walk just to get into the house. Why oh why don't we keep our ice shoe grippers in the car?

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