Thursday, January 10, 2013

Prissy x Valiant Foal Sold

One of our past customers wants to purchase Prissy's coming foal. She wants a painted Friesian and Prissy is guaranteed to throw spots. She is coming on Saturday to put down the deposit. We stopped selling our horses in-utero a few years ago but will make an exception for Chris. Prissy was bred to Valiant, check out Prissy below, this foal should be beautiful.
The foal isn't due until August 7th. I can't not write about our church service last night. We had a visitor from Roanoke speaking on the Holy Spirit. His sermon was mostly from Ephesians 3. It isn't just we have abundant access to Him, verse 20 tells us, He is Able to do Exceeding Abundantly Above All that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us. Dwelling on the service last night was the focus of our walk this morning. Mark actually had to wake me this morning to make sure I didn't miss that walk, hmmm in his mind that walk must make for a better wife. Something I read this morning must also be shared. But first a little back ground. I finished Isiah and knew the next book is Jeremiah but didn't want to weep any more so kept going to the new testament. You see Jeremiah is known as the weeping prophet. After 40 years of speaking for God, he never got to see Judah repent. Well today I am burdened with the word "repent." So many think that just means saying sorry. This morning readings the definition of repent was brought out that being sorry for sin is not enough. Repentance demands a change of mind and heart which results in a changed behavior. Time to head to work, the letters must be processed down at Berean.

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