Thursday, January 3, 2013

Company for Dinner

Emma was taken along today first to work, then to the bank and finally over to Morton, IL to Hoerr Vet clinic for her ACL surgery except once over the 474 bridge the traffic came to a stand still. An accident had closed the interstate.
Just lots of emergency vehicles and flashing lights were visable until we got close enough to see the problem. A Fed-X truck had jackknifed across both lanes of the Eastbound traffic.
At least we weren't at a dead stand still for hours, there was an off ramp and an on ramp just before and just after the accident. Once she was dropped off it was back to work to pay the first of the month bills just 3 days late. Ralph and Jamie Stone were coming to dinner tonight so a trip to Aldi was next for a few necessary food items then home to clean and prepare the dinner. I decided to make the venison meat loaf that Rachel Honegger served only we had no venison and had to use ground beef. We could have called Rachel Sauder for some, her son Caleb hit a deer on his way to work. He called his parents and told them the body was by the water tower. Rachel and Dave jumped in the truck and saw the deer laying off the side of the road, Rachel asked David to feel it and make sure the body was still warm, she didn't want to be picking up old road kill. When David reached down he discovered the deer was still breathing. Neither of them had any guns with them, the only weapon was David's pocket knife which he promptly used to put the poor thing out of it's misery. Although it isn't easy or clean to finish off a big animal with a small knife. David had blood dripping down his arms, blood on his clothes and lots of hide and blood on the knife. That isn't the end of the story, right about then Caleb calls them back, his keys are locked in the building and he needed his parents to come open the doors. Can you imagine how this wild man looked like driving up to Caleb's work in a pickup with a bloody dead dear in the back, getting out of the pickup with blood on his clothes and arms holding a bloody knife? I was able to pick up Emma around 4:30pm. The sun was a big red ball as it was sinking quickly. The phone camera was taken back out and the picture below snapped as I was driving.
Mom and Ruth went together to Ben Sticklings visitation then mom joined us for dinner. Dinner went well, Ralph and Jamie look great. We caught up on all their news.

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