Thursday, January 17, 2013

Road Trip

Rhoda and I will be taking a road trip tomorrow, leaving way before breakfast. Sangria's colt is going with us. We are heading south, unfortunately driving through Missouri, the dreaded hilly bad road state. We are meeting the buyer of Sangria's colt around 12:30pm around Springfield MO, then hopefully picking up a purebred Friesian mare that is in foal to a Friesian stallion not related to any of our 3 and due the beginning of May. I say hopefully because Rhoda has to approve of her first. If Rhoda likes her then we buy her. We covet prayers for this trip, for our safety and that the truck will keep on truckin while climbing the hills of Missouri. Karin arrived to work the boys, she had me bring a mare in season over to the gate as each boy was worked and unbelievable but the boys will follow Karin instead of rushing the gate. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it. Last fall, Valiant was almost too much for me to handle and yet when Karin was done he was watching her even though Sissy was flirting a few feet in front of Karin. Once she was satisfied with their behavior, she asked for a couple of tricks from each one and then and only then were they allowed to do their real job. Valiant covered Sissy while Evan covered Star. Both mares should be out tomorrow so this was perfect timing. Once the boys were put away, I finished cleaning out the trailer to prepare for tomorrow's trip while Karin worked Eliza, Zalena and Jenis. She finished up by working Ribbon then had to leave for Caleb Sauder's birthday party. The kitchen needs to be cleaned up then I'm heading to bed to get some much needed shuteye for our early start in the morning.

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