Thursday, January 31, 2013

2 Round Bales

The temperature was 19 degrees around 6:00am but forecast to drop like a stone hitting below zero by tomorrow morning. After checking and finding this grim fact, Mark was willing to go out in the cold wind, start the skid steer up and move 2 round bales in, one for the boys and one for Sissy and Star. That just sounds so easy, start the skid steer and move in 2 bales but in this kind of weather there is nothing easy about this job. The gates and feeders are frozen into the ground, the gloves must come off to work the latches causing the fingers to become numb in a matter of seconds, the net wrap must be removed without the bale falling apart before it is securely in the feeder. All in all this job that is maybe a 10 minute job in the summer took over an hour with both of us working. By the time we were back in the house there was a message from Rachel, no walk today, the wind chill factor is -1. What no exercising today? The good news was Marika, Jenis and Zalena are all getting along, no horse was made to stay out of the shelter into the cold. Philip ordered the new printer, today the invoice will be dropped off at TEMCO, hope enough money comes in to pay for this. We couldn't use a cheap printer, we go through 5000 labels about every 3 weeks. After trying to find a better cheaper way we finally all agreed to stay with the expensive dot matrix. At least these printers are pretty much guaranteed to last 15 years.

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