Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Yesterday the day was spent with one of my favorite grand daughters. There are only 2 so far of these very precious little girls and what a blessing to spend time with them. Hint, hint Taunya.

This morning is dark and gray, so dark that the arena lights needed to be turned on to find the golf cart for the morning walk. What a surprise when the lights were on. Steven cleaned up the arena moving 60 bales over to the breeding shed and getting the arena ready for Karin's vaulting practice tomorrow. We thank him but Karin really needs to thank him. To Horsemeister's benefit, Steven has been hired on at the barn across the street. They have 16 horses that they would like to sell, the owner has asked Steven to put training on them and get them ready to sell. Now instead of driving all the way from Metamora, IL he just drives across the street.
Work waits, must leave now if I'm to beat Eva Jean in except Emma just vomited on the rug. She has been obviously eating something with hair while we were on the walk, perhaps another deer carcass, so gross. The rug has been treated with woolite but that needs to sit 5 minutes before it can be blotted up. Today Eva Jean will win!

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