Thursday, January 19, 2012

Coffee Makers

Someone needs to design a coffee maker that will not work if the pot is not in place. Today is one of those mornings that if it can go wrong it will. Bleary eyed and obviously not thinking well the gallon jug of water from walmart was poured into the coffee maker only spilling about 6 ounces. Hey it is hard to pour into that little area when ones eyes aren't quite open. Then go to fill the fragrant dry coffee grounds into the filter and realize we are almost out of coffee but there is enough for today, pushing the buttons to start the pot and walk away. Anxiously waiting for those two tiny little beeps that herald the finishing of the pot, finally hear them and off I go stumbling over the dogs to get to this magic brew. A huge puddle is on the floor under the counter. My brain can't process that it is coffee on the floor and not in the pot which was standing on the counter next to the maker. Quickly the pot was placed in the correct spot and one measly cup of coffee was dripped into the pot with plenty of grounds coming out with it. Shuffle the few feet over to the cupboard for a clean coffee mug and there are none, they are all in the dishwasher that had not been run. Grabbing a mug, washing it out and trying to fill it without getting many grounds in it wasn't as difficult as trying to walk on the floor with paper towels stuck to my feet. It is hard to bend down with a bum hip so I've learned to wipe the floor with my feet. The rags used got most of the puddle up but to finish the job paper towels are dropped on the floor and stepped on with both feet. This I learned from Taunya's mom and it works! The problem comes when it gets stuck between ones toes. It just kind of looks funny. Today I must go to Sams for more coffee plus the dogs are now out of food. Not sure what is more important but isn't it great that the coffee ran out the same time as the dog food.
I'm not going on the walk today, we had a fresh layer of snow and it's cold. The golf cart cannot make it up the hills without being pushed by the other walkers and somehow I just don't think that is fair to them. Mike ordered chains for the tires but they came too big and he needs to take a few links out to make them fit. Once they are on I'll have no excuse but today I'm glad for the excuse.
The bright spot today is Braelyn coming over. Today is Joan's birthday, the walkers came in with Joan on the phone so she could be wished blessings for the day. Someone needs to wish that on this place today.
At least when the walkers left they took Emma with them, she loves to go on the walk.

The snow has started back up and the temperature is dropping, today is not going to be a warm and fuzzy type day.

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