Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ruth Served Lasagna!

Well the dinner at Ruth's on Friday night was not a game night, she served LASAGNA! When we heard what she was serving no one wanted to wait until 6:00pm we started pouring into her house at or before 5:45pm and of course the engaged couple had not yet shown up. When Fede's sister walked in the first words out of her mouth was, "OK, what is going on?" She saw the pans of lasagna on the set tables and finally put 2 and 2 together. Then the only thing to figure out was who was engaged and who were they engaged to?

As most of us were early Ruth and Fede asked us to find a seat at the many tables Ruth had set up, then when the engaged couple texted because of the snow they were going to be late Spark went ahead and had the prayer. By the time they arrived we were almost finished eating.

Rebekah came walking in the door with Brian Schwind from Roanoke.
After greeting each of us they were finally able to sit down and eat some of the famous lasagna while answering many questions.

As we had finished it wasn't long before Diane brought out the dessert, a big congratulation cake.

They were asked to tell their story of how they met, how God brought them together and how they became engaged. We had Brian go first and it was fun to listen to his story of the first time meeting Rebekah, and Rebekah telling us the first time she noticed Brian. The picture below was taken during Rebekah's turn.

Below the cousins are getting the more in depth story we were given.

We had a fun time teasing the 2 of them but by Ruth having the lasagna dinner on a Friday instead of Saturday we had much longer to keep our mouths shut.
It was a relief to finally have it announced today in church. We think Ruth was beaming more than Rebekah. This makes 5 weddings for Peoria this year!

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