Tuesday, January 10, 2012


The walk had to cut short, there was an abundance of work waiting at Meisters. Eva Jean and I were not able to finish, hopefully I'll have time tomorrow to try to catch up. That's what happens when a week is skipped. We walked into our office and see the place we store the 50 lessons has collapsed. Dan was called to see if he could come up with a better idea.
After work a quick trip to Aldi was on the docket for lots of fresh vegetables. We were having stir fry for dinner and needed carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, and mushrooms. Barely made it home before 12 round bales showed up, 6 for us and 6 for Ruth's horses. Steven showed up as Ruth's were being delivered. He helped move the 6 off to the side for the coming semi trailer with square bales. The semi showed up at 4:00pm but the truck driver needed to get the trailer in position and wait for the help. A mass text was sent out and we had 10 workers show up. How wonderful is THAT!

I was afraid the truck was too tall to fit through the doors and was so thankful Mark had them built 14 foot high. The trailer was 13feet6inches tall and just fit.

It was 56 feet long and stuffed full, as full as possible with 540 very good quality 3rd cutting alfalfa square bales.

I am so thankful for helpers, did I mention how thankful I was? Phil, Anna and Braelyn showed up, Sarah came to help, Steven Marchal, even though he was grieving the loss of his dog, worked hard, Ruth brought Ryan and Steven to help, Rachel showed up with Jessica and Caleb, Mike brought Ebby over, Ebby wasn't much help but Mike was. Mark showed up to move a few bales before being called away and Rhoda came at the very end.

Four worked inside the trailer and 6 worked outside and the bales just kept coming. It just seemed like a massive amount of hay. They stacked it high. Even with the breaks that were taken to catch ones breath they had that trailer empty in an hour.
Some of the helpers stayed for the stir fry dinner. Below is Sarah holding Braelyn after dinner.

Spark and Rhonda picked Mark and I up for choir right after dinner and we didn't get home until now. What a productive long day!

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