Monday, January 23, 2012

Wide Open Spaces

Today on our walk Ruth brought back Mike's cowboy hat borrowed for some school project and all the pans left at her house for the lasagna dinner. We had a good time discussing wedding plans for Rebekah and Brian. I had to cut it a bit short as Braelyn was due any minute and for some reason we walked (I rode the golf cart) very slow today.

Karin posted some pictures of their trail ride at Middle Grove, above is at the cottage and below is the wide open grass lands of the neighboring farm.

No wonder Mike & Spark are considering this, the land is gorgeous.
Today is very windy, we had rain during the night that melted most of the snow. Below is Emma playing in one of the few remaining piles.

Last night we had an impromptu party at mom's house. Karin had purchased a bunch of T-Bone steaks, Mark grilled them over at mom's, Rhonda came in to arrange things before her trip to Florida and as there was plenty of meat, all in her house last evening were invited. Kari, Noel, Tara, Jay, their 3 little ones Spark & Rhonda along with Mike & Diane and Rhoda, Mark and I all crowded around the table with mom for a delicious perfectly done steak dinner.

Karin, Kari, Tara, Rachel and Rhoda had to leave by 5:30pm for their volley ball game (which they won)while the rest of us watched a video of 2 prisoners in the Canton prison give their testimony. It is really wonderful to see fruit from the prison ministry.

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