Wednesday, January 4, 2012


We had a great day yesterday as long as we were in the sun and out of the wind. It was cold but who would complain with such a nice place to freeze. We sat in the hot tub until we started shaking with the cold. The hot tub was more like a lukewarm tub, getting from there to ones room was torture. There is no thermostat in the cabins the only way to warm up is a hot shower, luckily there is abundant hot water. The day was spent reading by just about every one in our party. We still managed to get some sun.

Last night was formal night, we thought they did that as it was Rhoda's birthday and they wanted everyone dressed up to celebrate that. Almost everyone at our table ordered lobster, delicious! The waiters sang happy birthday to Rhoda then she was given her gifts. The boat was rocking enough that she was feeling a bit nauseated but not enough to ruin her party.

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner with many different appetizers.

Today we docked at Key West, we all got off the boat, most of the group headed to a beach while I headed into town to find an Internet cafe. Once online I'm shocked to find the iPad that has been (what I thought) turned off has been collecting international charges of $50.00 a day. Thankfully Mark was notified and he was able to disconnect it. What was weird about this whole situation was I not only did I think it was turned off. I locked it in the safe so no one else could accidentally turn it on. Live and learn, next cruise it will be left home.
The rest of the group headed to a beach on Key West, as you can see they found interesting things.

Cell service is now working and the first message is they want to bring the 525 bales of hay on Tuesday. That won't work at all for us, Tuesday I have to work and everybody else is either back in school or working. Hope we can convince them to wait. We heard it is suppose to warm up, tomorrow is a day at sea, sure hope that is true.
There will be no updates tomorrow we are again at sea.

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