Sunday, January 8, 2012

Safely Home!

Mom and I arrived home at 12:15am but we were use to Eastern time and it felt like 1:15am. We are thankful to be safely home. We had long lay-overs in both Jacksonville and Atlanta but this gave us plenty of time to find our gates and relax, both of us finishing our books just as we landed in Bloomington. Laundry has been started and breakfast cooked. What happened to room service? Each Evening we would fill our out room service sheet asking for coffee for 4 and 3 danishes to nibble on as we sipped the very rich strong coffee. Last night I couldn't even find that important piece of paper, Mark probably hid it. Honestly I wanted to bring home a bunch of those, hang it on our bedroom door and see if that magic worked here at the farm. The cruise was a very relaxing vacation but I was SO glad to get home, home to the husband, home to the dogs, and home to the horses in that order.
We have a couple driving here from Oregon, IL to look at Indy today, they will be here when we get back from church. They saw her at the Northern IL Horse fest when she was just a few weeks old, they will be surprised at how beautiful she is now.

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