Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sunday School Pancake Supper

As the temperatures have moderated into the 20s and the sun was shining, Mike, Diane, Karin and Rhoda took off for Middle Grove after the funeral with the trailer loaded with Mika and Bunni. Mike rode Mika, Diane was on Bunni, Karin rode Sally while Rhoda was on Sangria. They spent hours exploring on horseback the 200 acres for sale that adjoins the Middle Grove farm. The owner told them even if they don't end up purchasing the acreage they are still welcome to ride in it. Rhoda reported it is beautiful, lots of large grass pastures, lakes, hills, and wooded areas where there is abundant wildlife. Karin took pictures, hopefully she will email some over to be posted here. They finished up at the gingerbred house now called the cottage and warmed up their frozen feet by the roaring hot fire in the fireplace. The horses left to right are Sally, Mika, Bunni and Sangria, all patiently waiting for the next trip out.

Notice the solar panel on the left hand side attached to the chimney of the cottage. This was installed today to recharge the batteries. The cottage is all fixed up with lights, a microwave, propane heat and cook stove, those along with the fireplace make it very usable in the coldest weather.

They stayed all afternoon, then for dinner stopped at the Farmington Pizza Company. They brought back Mika, Bunni, Sally and Sangria leaving Lily, Ayanna, Cindy and Lilypony out for another week as the next few days we are suppose to get a warm up enough to melt the snow and ice. Lily will easily take care of her dwindling herd.
Steven was out today to work the boys, he has a great idea for the demo with these young stallions. I won't spoil his surprise but it should be an excellent show.
Mom, Nancy, Mark and I took off for the annual Sunday School Pancake Supper. This event was started by my dad years and years ago. It is always well attended with literally thousands of pancakes served. Ruth and Rachel's boys were busy working at the dinner, Ryan passing out pancakes, Logan & Steven taking coats and Fede flipping pancakes. The dinner was rounded out by sausage and applesauce, all really delicious.
We took Nancy to her home in Morton before coming back to the farm.

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