Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Horse Fair Entertainment

Yesterday 2 emails came in from the lady lining up the evening entertainment for the IL Horse Fair. In the first email she asked if Horsemeister would come up with a thundering jousting Medieval demo, and the second email was:
Could Rhoda put together a routine with Ella? I just finished re-watching the video of them and found another video of the two of them on your youtube channel. Do you think she could do a bridleless freestyle routine?
Rhoda was not real enthusiastic her words were, "we need to clear out the arena, there is too much stuff in it to train." I'm sure both Karin and Steven would agree with her. I wonder how quickly could we put up a coverall arena? Mark just shuddered! I'm just dreaming and someone said, "if you are going to dream, dream big."
Who would have thought when we built the big barn we would fill it up with so much equipment and hay there isn't enough room to train.

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