Saturday, May 28, 2011

What a DAY

Obviously this day started early, by 9:00am the trucks and trailers were here with such a great bunch of helpers. My kids are the BEST! I had to leave at 9:30am to make the 10:00am appointment with Plattner Orthopedic for Raven's knee. Barb and Tony Plattner came out bringing the orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Driessnack with them. He brought along his wife and daughter. Below they are consulting on the best way to help Raven.

If you do not know the story of Raven's knee, he was stepped on by his dam at only 2 days old. This damaged the growth plate causing his leg to bow out and his knee looks terrible.
Raven was wonderful for the appointment standing very still while the negative cast was applied.
. Once this was hardened, Mr. Plattner carefully cut one side then took it off to take back to the office where he will work on building a special knee brace just for Raven. How special is THAT!
The day got even better from there. The kids pulled up with 3 trailer loads and started unloading, placing each piece of furniture where we thought it would fit. Funny but Stephanie came in, rearranged the 2 chairs and now it looks MUCH better. We stopped for Casey's pizza, then the kids went back to the house for more. Karin and mom also headed in to start with the cleaning of the house. Mark helped move 2 round bales in just in time. The people coming from Missouri pulled up with their 3 mares all booked to Raven just about the time the Ohio people pulled in for Dalia. A desperate call to Karin was made, "COME HELP!" she made it within 15 minutes and took care completely of the 2 ladies looking at Dalia. One of the three mares is in season now and was covered. With all the moving mess ALMOST forgot to write down their names.
Mom made a delicious dinner and we were all so tired we sat at the dinner table for over an hour afterward just visiting. Mark and I still needed to make one more trip back to pick up the DOGS and do this updating. We don't yet have cable internet. Sure hope we get hooked up soon, the computers will be moved tomorrow.

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