Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Steven Marchal arrived at Middle Grove just as the wind started blowing the lightning flashing. The herd heard the truck and trailer pulling up and came running at a gallop to see who was joining them. Steven unloaded the 3 horses and headed back to the farm in a hurry so as not to get caught in the thunderstorm. The fence posts had been delivered and Mike had a great crew helping before the rain hit Hanna City. Anni, Ryan and Steven Davidovics along with Steven Marchal worked well together.
Mark and I left for church. drove just up Baer and the car started making noises going thump thump thump. Mark pulled over got out of the car, checked the tires and as all looked good off we went again. Not too far up the road again thump thump thump. Mark pulls over gets out goes to the front of the car and start putting the pieces back where they belong. Our car is slowly losing it's body, not a good thing, Mark thinks it is because the dogs knocked off important pieces of it. He thinks the offending part is in place and off we go getting as far as the golf course when thump thump thump. This time he just turned around and home we drove leaving the car and taking the truck to church we weren't even very late. Mike Rieker had the service opening to Daniel and reading chapters 1 and 2. Daniel is actually my favorite book of the Bible so tonight was great but Tim Funk got up at the end and made it even better. He announced that Rich Hodel has started repenting. Rich is Marvin, Rosemary, Jeanette, Roma, Rhoda, Ethel, Edith, Barb, Irv and Dort Hodel's brother. We rejoice so much for their family! How wonderful for Peoria to hear good news. Church was full of rejoicing people all wanting to talk to Rich.

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