Friday, May 20, 2011

Morning with the Mares

Anxiously I arrive hoping both new mares have figured out the automatic waterer and both are looking well. They were both introduced to Raven today but neither are interested. Cindy was covered but is probably going out. It took her a while to show and she didn't stand well at the end. The morning was a bit hectic, now it's time to start cleaning the house, Jack and Addyson are coming. YEAH!
Then to make the day EVEN better, Kathy, the lady that bought Samantha from us emailed her good news:
Samantha brought a nice little filly into the world at 12:36 am this morning. Both are doing well. I will get some photos to you when the weather clears. It's pouring rain right now. The weather here has been warm but real wet.
We can't wait to see pictures of this little purebred Friesian filly. Samantha has just perfect conformation and is blue black, this filly will be spectacular!
The video of the Horsemeister herd at Middle Grove was reworked to make it a bit easier to watch, not so jerky. The old one will be removed.

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