Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Mike and Steven got the front posts all set last night and Mike strung the wire this morning. Menards was suppose to deliver the other 40 posts and concrete this morning but their truck broke down, it is suppose to arrive this afternoon. Instead of waiting around for the truck, Steven is taking a load out to Middle Grove. Dalia, Indy and Heathcliff all get to head out for that lush green rolling pasture of horse paradise. Hopefully the fence posts will have arrived by the time he gets back.
Two ladies came from Missouri last night, bought Xena, Rachel's filly out of Sandy, spent the night at the cabin and loaded her up this morning taking off for home. Xena decided to throw a fit, broke the trailer tie and reared up getting her feet stuck in the manger. They brought her back, unloaded her, put her in backward and had Mike ride along with her a bit. We were actually glad they let Mike out at the end of the drive instead of hauling him back to Missouri. They called Rachel later to say she was traveling quietly.
Grace and Sanna were checked today and both are now out. This was expected with Grace and confusing with Sanna. By our calculations she should have still been in. We will need to keep checking her.
Mom, Sarah and I took a trip to the hospital in Bloomington, IL to visit our new little Jack Isaiah. We still have not heard a peep out of him, he is just a very content baby.
He is just such a beautiful baby a close up must be shown. He has the cutest dimple on his right cheek but of course the camera missed that.

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