Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stormy Work

Phil and Anna dropped off Braelyn for me to play with while they worked on cleaning up the shop. Mark took a load of chairs out to the farm. Steven and Mike are working on electrifying the boy's paddock. A storm blew in scaring Eliza and Airiah, they ran through their paddock gate bending the eye hook completely out of the wood and off they ran. Steven had to round them up, they are now in with Cindy in the middle paddock. He thinks the wind blowing the tin roof scared the poor mares. The others are all hunkered down with their tails tucked rear ends to the wind. I sure appreciate all the hard work Mike and Steven are doing, putting in 2 new pastures and making sure the boys have a paddock they cannot escape from.
It was a busy productive, great day and bed will feel wonderful!

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