Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Night Church

Amy Koch's birthday is today and I was pleased when she stopped in. We were visiting in the playroom when huge storm rolled in, the wind was beating against the windows ferociously with lashing rain, leaves, stems and other debris. We moved into the living room away from the windows when we heard a crash upstairs. Both of us ran up the stairs to see what had happened. Rhoda's window was open and the wind knocked a big mirror off her wall. Thankfully it did not break. Amy left so I could get ready to go to church, I usually leave right at 6:30pm but tonight I was a few minutes late. The phone rang at 6:34pm, the decision was made to ignore the call, because for sure I would be late if the phone was answered. The drive went quickly, hitting almost all the lights green I pulled in at the church parking lot at 6:48pm and people are driving AWAY. Mark Kieser let me know the church lost all of it's electricity and church was cancelled. Next time I will take the TIME to answer the phone.

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