Saturday, May 28, 2011

Get UP?

Do we really need to be up so early? The dogs think we must, of course once they have been outside and back in, they go back to bed. I feel we need another 5 hours of deep sleep to face THIS day and it isn't going to happen. The coffee is almost ready, except when time came to pour a cup I realize the dishwasher was filled last night but we forgot to run it and there are NO CLEAN CUPS. Taunya and Stephanie stopped in with all three grand-babies. Work was stopped to help play with them, always a joy. Rhoda also came over to help, glad to see her, her room needed attention. I wasn't sure what she wanted to save or keep. She has thrown away all of her winnings, all of her ribbons and awards. Sure thought she would keep a few for the memories.

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