Thursday, May 19, 2011

Made it

Below is our new purebred Friesian mare Elizabeth. She is FHANA registered, 10 years old, 16.1 hands very black and very baroque! She has never been bred and is only green broke to ride. She and Raven will be a WONDERFUL match. TALL, DARK and SO BEAUTIFUL!
We will get better pictures later, she is not butt high like this picture shows.
The mare below is ONLY 3 years old. She sticks at 15.2 and a half at only 3 meaning she will mature to well above 16 hands. She is ready to be trained under saddle, has a mega thick long tail, feather starting at the back of the knee, has a wonderful disposition and she also will be bred to RAVEN as soon as she comes in season.

We are so blessed to ad both of these mares to our Horsemeister herd.
Now for the rest of the day. We actually made it to Rochester, MN just a few minutes after noon. Elizabeth was loaded first then Airiah and off we started. Steven called around 3:00pm that when he reached the farm he found the mares all in the pastures together but Valiant half in and half out waiting patiently to be rescued. Steven was able to rescue him but Evan broke 2 boards and ran in with the mares. Steven was kicked in the arm during the process of removing him, not good as he was the only one around. Steven called to report he did not think it was broken but bruised pretty well. The electric fence was not working on the boys paddock and Steven put the boys in the stalls to work on that. When he was ready to bring the boys back, he found that Evan had destroyed one of the door panels. That really isn't a big deal, we will just remove the bent one and put on another but we were thankful Evan didn't get hurt. STALLIONS! Always causing trouble one way or another.
The trip was going along smoothly, we had pulled off the 74 interstate at the Brimfield exit only 7 minutes from the farm and had a blow out on the back left trailer tire. I jumped out all prepared to change the tire with the spare except the tire iron did not fit one of the lugnuts holding the spare in place. The truck was torn apart looking for a tool to help with this but we just didn't have anything that fit. EVERYbody and I mean everybody in the family nearby was called and NO ONE WAS HOME. Mark was out walking the dog, Rachel in Champaign, Mike and Diane in St. Louis, Spark didn't answer, Rhonda's phone was off, Fedi is in Romania but finally mom answered. Mark got back to the house, called to ask again where we were when Ryan and Nolan Streitmatter drove up and changed the tire for us.
When I asked their names and they told us, I asked,"are you AC?" YEP what a small world and how thankful Rhoda and I were to be able to finish this long day with some great help. Ryan and Nolan are from Eureka, their dad is Wayne, I'll have to see if we are related.
We finally arrived back at the farm and unloaded our 2 new beauties. We were too tired to introduce them to Raven and just settled them in for the night. THANK YOU FATHER FOR KEEPING US SAFE!

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