Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Above is the little 2 year old paint pony named Mindy we purchased on Saturday. She is technically not even 2 years old and we wanted to see just how well trained she was before taking her to Middle Grove to grow up. We were shocked at how well this pony did. She trots right off away from the other horses and actually never put a foot wrong. This afternoon Tyler Joos our farrier is coming to pull her shoes. We do not feel a youngster her age should be wearing shoes OR working. She really is a cute little thing right at 12 hands at 2, when grown she should end up near 13 hands and be a perfect replacement for Duke.
When we were getting ready to leave for the evening, Rhoda was in the car, Mark standing next to her car and Sanna comes over for a visit.
I had to take a few pictures of her filly. She is really beautiful and loves to show off.

Sanna will be covered this morning and if Frannie is still in she will be covered tonight.

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