Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Two Pregnant Two Not

We had a good walk this morning.  Anna dropped the girls off to play as today is Berlica's birthday party.  Dr. Hoerr was suppose to arrive first thing but the message that came was he would now be here early afternoon. This gave me time to bring Rosaleigh and her filly out for some new pictures to update the website.  This filly is amazing, she is also for sale for only $8000.00. She has the mega hair, will be tall, and has great movement. She is not yet named but as soon as she is she will be registered and dna'd with Friesian Heritage Horse International registry.

She was very curious about the tarp.
 She was so funny, she was running in and out of the outdoor arena while her mama grazed near by. Galena and her filly were taken out next. Galena started grazing while her filly ran around. Rosaleigh's filly came to check her out.
Galena's filly is also for sale. She too needs a name so we can get her registered with FHHI. She is for sale for $6000.00 and will also have mega hair, have good movement and she will be VERY tall, probably at least 16.3 hands when mature. 

 This filly has an amazing amount of feather for her young age, it is thick and curly.
The 4 mares needing an ultrasound were taken into the indoor arena as the rain started. While waiting for the vet Jewel's colt was playing with Lisa.
Dr. Hoerr arrived late afternoon and started with Jewel. She was NOT pregnant and had just ovulated. Totally my fault I could have teased her when I brought her in but was sure she would have settled as she ALWAYS gets pregnant. Looking back though I only got her covered once.  Tori also was not pregnant but I did tease her and knew she was in season.
I wanted her sonagrammed though to see where she was in her cycle. She only has a 36 mm follicle so won't be ready to be bred for 3 days.  Lisa on the other hand IS pregnant.

We bred her to Evan and her foal is going to be spectacular. 
Lisa is due May 5th, 2020.  She is also for sale as a 2/1 package for only $8000.00 AND Lisa was trained by the Amish to drive.  This is going to be one amazing foal. The next mare was Irish the Gypsy mare.

She too was confirmed in foal and is due May 1st, 2020.
Her foal should be spotted and of course have the mega hair and as it is a Valiant baby we know this foal will be sweet.  
We took mom to church tonight. This was the 3rd night of VBS. We had a visitor from Roanoke, Jonathan is just one year older than David and knew him when he was in the young group. He kept everyone's attention. After church Star and Roxanne were brought inside for the night. It is cold and with the rain today muddy. Star is quite bagged up, she is not yet waxing but I'm not taking any chances of her delivering outside. She isn't happy unless Roxanne is with her.

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