Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Too Tired

We had another amazing day at Indian camp but I am too tired to write about it OR work on downloading pictures. We had 2 storms come through but one went north of us and one south. Thankfully no rain but at one point we heard from Beth that hail was on the way so we ran the riding horses into the indoor arena, tied them up with their saddles then once the storm passed they were brought back out and were back to giving rides.
All of the day will be worked on tomorrow when I look at the pictures and videos.  A wonderful review came in from the people staying at our barn apartment. Check THIS one out:  “First rate accommodations. Nothing but good and great things in staying there. If you're one with nature and don't mind horses outside the kitchen window, this is definitely the place you would want to stay at. Super quiet, after first thinking that it would be a bit noisy since it was a working horse stable; I was wrong, it was the most restful night and mornings we've haven't had in a long time. Oh yeah, the bonus were the homemade cookies that Judy's daughter in law made, and it was definitely my fault for not bringing the cold milk to go along (even after I read about it in her reviews) with those awesome chocolate chip cookies (oh by the way, chocolate chip is my favorite).”
Then she wrote such a nice personal note:   “Oh my goshness, your place was super awesome! I was blown away when we first walked in, with that nice touch of cookies and water, we couldn't have asked for anything better. Plenty Mahalo for allowing us to stay in your "Barn," that was what my two teenage boys referred to your place, it's a term they came up with because it was AMAZING!”
John had his knee replaced today at St. Francis. The word on the street is that the block is still working and John is feeling fine!  He said he has no pain for the first time in years. I've no doubt John will do well in therapy. You can't keep a good farmer down...or was that a good plumber?  Grandpa used to tell John, "You'll never make a farmer!"  

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