Thursday, June 13, 2019


Yesterday was 42 years from the day we got married June 12th, 1977. We didn't know each other very well and had a lot of building years but I'm thankful we both followed the Lords leading and the two of us became one.  I thought we had celebrated our anniversary a little early as on Saturday we went out to eat then to Bach Fest but yesterday Mark came home with gifts and not just small gifts. First he had flowers, a card and candy on the table waiting for me when I came in from the barn.
 The card is the nicest card I've ever received! He was going to write more but he said, "this one covered it all!" 
 The flowers were beautiful but that wasn't all.
He then brought in a brand new chair.
My old chair was falling apart and was very uncomfortable with no padding, one of the arms had broken off, the rollers had worn out and broken so it couldn't be moved very well and was in such terrible shape.  Well this chair is very comfortable and even has lumbar support. I'm completely spoiled! I hesitated to post this as I don't want people to think I'm bragging or that my life is perfect. It's not but I'm so very thankful for this man and can honestly say I love him! He is a good Godly man and I love his heart. I'm going to leave this right here and not write any more as this seems sappy even to me. 

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