Monday, July 30, 2018

The Pictures of Saturday and Sunday

Below are a few pictures from Saturday. Below Addyson is fishing with a net and caught 3 fish!

 The weather was just perfect to play on moms beach. 
 Taunya, Addyson and Jack went over to Rachel's to jump off the high dive. 

Below is Addyson jumping
 Jace found a beautiful toad. So beautiful he wanted to keep it forever and was heart broken when his mom made him leave it at grandma's house. 

The next few pictures are of Sunday afternoon at the playground. Mark was thrilled to be driving his own golf cart. It had been broken for over a year sitting in his back garage. Ben showed up and fixed it in a couple hours. 
 Lots and lots of volleyball was played on Sunday. There were 3 teams and the games went on until after dark. They were highly competitive and entertaining to watch. 

  Currently there are 2 in potty training so those mothers bring along their very own potty chairs. We thought at first they were putting one out for the boys and one for the girls but it turned out one was for Riley and one was for Elisabet. These second cousins are just 2 days apart and will each be 2 years old in a few days. 

The kids had a ball climbing a tree and rolling down the hill.
 The campfire was well used, lots of somemores made and eaten and plenty of that treat, heartattackonastick too.
 When the big kids get off the court the little kids move on and after playing lots of ball they settled down to play in the sand. By this time it was quite dark and the court was lit up by the lights.

If you would like to see the rest of the pictures click HERE

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