Wednesday, July 18, 2018


We took our time on the walk this morning, no one seemed to be in a hurry. Today was a very relaxing day.  Karin and Rachel took the big van up to Indiana Dunes with 10 other passengers. They had arranged to meet Bethany and her 2 children for the day. Rachel posted the picture below of their group. The day was perfect, warm and sunny, but Lake Michigan is just too cold to enjoy swimming. The beach was a lot of fun for everyone.
The 3 babies on this trip were Bethany's baby William, Sarah's baby Zion and Carunica's baby Gabby.
It looks like Zion really enjoyed eating the sand.
Joshua, Riley and Jordan also had a lot of fun. 
Here at the farm Roxanne was taken out, teased, covered by Evan then her filly taken out back to get updated pictures for the website. She is now 10 days old and doing very well. She is also gorgeous!
 Roxanne has the conformation, the hair and the disposition of a typical fantasy Friesian and obviously threw this in her filly. 

We sent in her hair for the DNA test along with her registration but haven't heard back yet as to who is her sire. I'm thinking this is an Evan filly but no matter which stallion is the sire, she is pretty spectacular. She is also for sale for $8000.00 and can be reserved with a deposit of $1000.00 then regular payments until weaning in December.  Start thinking Christmas, what a present she would make for someone or what a gift she would be for YOU! No one says you can't give yourself an amazing Christmas present. 
Sangria was teased and is now out. She was only covered once and I'm not sure the timing was right but don't really care if she settles or not. 
Mark drove Ruth, mom, Diane and me to church tonight. Dave Obergfel had the message reading from Psalm 119 really stressing how important it is to STAY in the Word. 

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